Femdom Toilet Slave
Cruel Female Dominants turn you into Toilet Slaves

Sorority House Toilet Slave – Princess Rene

It would be pure heaven to be lucky enough to be the toilet slave of Princess Rene. She is 100% perfection, it would be an honor to be Her human toilet.

Pprincess Rene toilet slavery

Princess Rene

Sorority House Toilet Bitch
Hey, thanks for coming over so quickly! We’ve got a crisis on our hands at the sorority house. Our stupid toilet broke! Do you know anything about plumbing? No? Too bad. I don’t know what we’re going to do until we get a new toilet. Although… remember when you let me borrow your laptop so I could write my term paper? I might have accidentally stumbled upon some really nasty fetish porn. Yeah, I saw your toilet fetish kink! All of us girls have been laughing about it for weeks. So, when our toilet broke, of course I though of you! Now’s your chance to fulfill all your fantasies and be the sorority house human toilet, slurping down our pee and for us! What do you say, hmmm?

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