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Goddess Naughtia Ass sitting on the toilet slave

Thursday, July 25th, 2013
If you love big round asses and girls who love to keep a male under their huge ass cheeks then your in for a treat with goddess naughtia Ass from Club Stiletto. goddess naughtia is sitting on the toilet taking a BIG dump. She has a new slave who she is training to be her human toilet paper and eventually her full toilet. She has him hooded so he can’t see anything but his other senses are heightened. She wants him addicted to the scent and sound of her defecating. He can only hear the …

Goddess Naughtia’s Toilet Paper

Thursday, April 11th, 2013
The indescribably shameful act of being reduced to the function of toilet paper is helped somewhat by the opportunity to worship the amazing hugeness of goddess naughtia’s Ass. See lots more of her at Club Stiletto. goddess naughtia goddess naughtia’s Toilet Paper goddess naughtia really brings the art of face sitting and oxygen deprivation to new heights with her big, beautiful fleshy ass settling down on her …